Batam Trip, Skys & more

Taken with EOS300 with 38-76mm lens(Fujifilm Superia 200)

It has been awhile since I update my blog. Has been busy with work~ And finally a short trip to Batam and I took lots of pictures. This roll of film has been around for awhile and thus, I have other shots that I took randomly on a daily basis.

A path in Batam 16 Miniature House representing their 16 Provinces

Sky In Batam 16 Miniature House

The small dragonfly stop and pose for me@ 16 Miniature House

My shadow~

The open space@Batam Waterfront ferry terminal

A random picture as the sky was really nice with the leaves

The sky was nice after the rain, but my setting was not great

The rain on my glass window

Beach@Sentosa which has became so commercialize


Old stall @the hawker center

The evening sky after a hot/tiring day and was not planning to take any pictures when I left for the gym. But the sky was too great to just ignore it without taking a great picture

Nice blue sky

Flower@Botenicial Garden in Singapore

A mini waterfall@Bontenical Garden

Sky(could be better)

The sky was great

1 year old baby girl party

The sweets are gone in seconds

Moved while taking this, but it gives a mystical feeling

Looking forward for the next film which is under developing and I will try to improve my photography skills~


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