Batam II

Taken with EOS300 & 38-76mm lens (AGFAPhoto 400 Vista Plus)

These photos are taken during my Batam trip. A trip, a guy, a backpack and a SLR film camera.

A “Tua Pek Kong” temple

The circular joss with Indonesia flag

The bamboo wall with the sunset

The “Tua Pek Kong” mainhall

The joss stick wall

A Holland windmill in Batam

It is a bakery – the bread is nice and they have great service

An abandon house with wild flowers overgrown (there are many such houses)

The narrow path

Business 24hr – it was closed when I approach

A restaurant rest house for staffs and he posted for this picture

A church and I was attracted to it from afar – and I have a great timing, they were singing

On the way back from the church, a resting place with cold drinks

The workers has no safety ropes, dangerous

A little surprise, nest in a lamppost – it was just head level and I can reach out for the nest

Old tires usage – home for the wild plants

Thanks for these leaves, I got shield from the blazing sun

Housing near the Waterfront terminal

An abandoned basketball court

Harris got their own staff housing

2007, a year to remember

The restaurants near the ferry terminal

One of the restaurant

The boats back to Singapore

The ferry terminal, afar

Some seeds got their way onto my jeans

The terminal

Future photographers

Well, this is the first time I had tried on this film and I find the colours turn out not that bad. I will want to try shooting in black and white too. Guess have to get the film first

I am going to give a shot at wildlife for this weekend~


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