Sungei Buloh

Taken with EOS300 & 38-76mm lens, Kodak Gold 200

A day trip to the great nature side of Singapore.

The big eye fly that welcomed me when I cross the bridge

The Egrets that filled up the nature reserve

A painter who came for the Egrets and nature

They fill the nature reserve too

First rest point

The smaller birds.. and the crane(machine) hiding behind the trees

The two lovey bird (See them?)

The flower was of light pink and it is out of nowhere

I was trying to get the Egret, but it is too white to be seen clearly here

I saw it and came in close encounter!! (Previous trip, not this)

Well, this is the exploded fruit

And the flower is different

That is Malaysia! So close…

The forest wall

The great escape from the brick walls in the city

Nice view and in a hut to rest

These are the climbing crabs…

They will jump off into the water if I approach too close! Hard to get them in the picture!

Standing leaves

Good weather to come here. And this is at the tallest tower in Sungei Buloh

The bridge that leads into the nature

Very old hinge, I like this most!

I went to the Lomography grand opening in Singapore! I taken quite a few numbers to pictures and do not know how it will turn out! I will post them up soon!


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